Community Offer

     Coming Soon....

At the core of Edie's values is supporting our local community. Having been born and raised in the area we recognise how wonderful our local communities in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire are but there is always room to do more.

Edie's will focus on 3 key areas;

Promoting local artistry and producers
- Edie's hopes to connect with local artists and craft producers to give a platform for growth and a space to sell their products.

Donating to local causes - Each month Edie's will be supporting a local cause, where that be a school, service, charity or organisation, who give back to their community. This will include a dedicated item of the month, where profits from any sales will go directly to the cause.

A comprehensive Education Outreach Programme to support some of our most vulnerable learners - Edie's will be offering therapeutic baking and/or mentoring sessions to local schools as part of an alternative curriculum package. Edie's will also be welcoming those looking for work experience.

Our Community Offer will be launched in 2022 however if you are interested in being involved with anything we've mentioned, please contact Sophie at